Service Commission Song from 2017 Leadership Day

 Message from Jennifer Prive - Service Commission Chair:

As Service Commission Chair for the St. Augustine Diocesan Council for Catholic Women, I would like to thank you for your time, and willingness to serve, in our councils, and our communities. 

 As they say, time is money, and according to, one hour of your time spent volunteering is worth $24.69. That really adds up! This year, I would like to encourage you, as Service Commission Chairs, to track the time our fellow members spend managing, meeting, and ministering, in our councils and parishes.  With your help gathering this information, I would like to present a “check” at Convention next April, reflecting the dollar amount of all of our efforts. Cha-ching!

Suggested projects

I have set up a Standardized form for recording service hours, but would also like to recommend ATracker, a time-tracking app available for iOS and Android devices. ATracker is user-friendly, and easily customized to your CCW activities. Simply tap to begin tracking time spent at meetings, commuting, working on reports, attending events, etc., and print out a color-coded graph showing your volunteer time spent on each area. Check it out, and share with your affiliations.